Johnny: You didn't think I'd miss out on this special
    event just because the groups are gone, did ya? ;)
    Since this is a little sudd'n, the contest might
    not be as grand as it used to be, but it will definitely
    still take place!
    Anyone is welcome to submit one or more entries.


    1 - Your entry has to be connected to SQUARE ENIX.

    2 - I accept anything within the theme of Halloween,
        may it be wallpapers, horror stories, lyrics, AMVs,
        drawings, cosplay photos, pumpkins...You name it!

    3 - Put your heart into it. And have fun!

    4 - You have to submit your entry here in
        this thread before November 1, 2012.


    This time, I'LL decide who's gonna win! :D Well, me and Grimoire.
    And a secret judge.


    1st Place -A Christmas picture featuring one SQUARE ENIX
        character of the winner's choice.

    2nd Place - A Christmas picture featuring one SQUARE ENIX
        enemy/monster of the winner's choice.

    3rd Place - A Christmas picture featuring one SQUARE ENIX
        mascot of the winner's choice.

    The art will be drawn by Grimoire.

    October 1, 2012

    The contest starts today and I'll gladly welcome any submissions.
    Now, go, go! And good luck! Questions? Then let me hear 'em.
    Bring it on!

    November 1, 2012

    Alright guys, it's time to vote.
    Yes, you heard right, the secret third
    judge is none other than YOU!

    Now I'm gonna explain how to vote:

    You, our cool and clever judges, have been
    given 10 points each which you are free to
    distribute as you please (me and Grimoire
    have 20 each). For example, if you really
    like one of entries, you can give it all
    of your 10 points. However, if you like
    two of them just as much, you can give
    them 5 each, and so on.

    You will have to wait until November 7 to
    see how me and Grimoire voted, and that is
    also when I will announce the results.
    MEMBERS North America), or send Grimoire
    a message. I am excited to see how
    everytning'll turn out!
    Good luck and have fun voting! :D

    November 7, 2012

    I will hereby announce the winners. Soon.
    Jus' hold on a sec...

    ...aaaaaand Johnny saves the day! :D
    Lookie, this year we have, in fact, THREE GRAND PRIZE WINNERS!!!
    Amazing, isn't it? Grimoire, you're not - I repeat -
    NOT allowed to vote! (You are however allowed to draw three
    Grand Prize pictures. :3)

    Thing is, I simply couldn't choose this time. The entries
    were totally fantastic! Such creativity!! The comic was
    so cute and the movie poster was epic, and Cait - what
    an awesome costume!!! Therefore I am both happy that it
    turned out as it did (I knew my 20 points would come in handy!
    Go me!), and honored to have received such great entries even
    though there was a time when the future seemed as grim as
    a certain disqualified judge and I almost feared that I
    wouldn't be able to host my FANTASTIC HALLoWEEN CoNTEST
    at all this year.

    But no need to fear, Johnny's still here! :D
    Once again: THANK YOU for entering Ripax, Gaia and Cait Sith!
    You really deserve to be the Grand Prize Winner - All of You!
    Also: Another big THANK YOU to everyone who voted!

    Oh, and by the way: Ripax, Gaia and Cait
    -go ahead and feel free to pick whatever prize you want.
    Your Christmas picture doesn't necessarily have to feature a
    SQUARE ENIX character; a monster/enemy or a mascot is just as good.
    Right, Grimoire? Grimoire?
    Now, where did he run off to...? Anyway, send him a message or
    post your choice of picture over at my thread and he'll finish
    your prize in time for Christmas. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


~Dark Wonderland~


By Ripax

Boy - Ripax
Bunny Girl - Ripax
Butterfly Lady - Ripax
Cheshire Bird - Ripax
Alice - Minerva/wingedgoddess
Bunny Boy - Grimoire/Grimoire-Hakase
(Over at SEM JP you can borrow other members'
avatars for your own snapshots and comics.)

- 1st Place -

~The Silence of the Cetra~

Movie Poster Featuring Aerith

By Gaia

a gaialeistrife picture/aerith gainsborough/sephiroth/cloud strife
barret wallace/music by nobuo uematsu
production designer hironobu sakaguchi
director of photography ken narita/edited by masato kato
executive producer hironobu sakaguchi
based upon the novel by kazushige nojima
screenplay by yoshinori kitase
produced by yusuke naora and tesuya nomura
directed by gaialeistrife

-A SQUARE Production

- 1st Place -

~Happy Halloween from Cait Sith~

Halloween Card Featuring Cait Sith

By Cait Sith

- 1st Place -