Johnny: "And the Winners have been decided!
    Scroll down to see the judges' verdicts and the result!
    But I'll have to warn you, the judges can be a bit...
    ...random. Trick or Treat?"

          *Johnny makes his awesome entrance, accompanied
              by a rain of confetti and a thick smokescreen,
              holding a red microphone in his hands*

  Johnny: "Are you ready guys!? It's time to P-A-R-T-Y!!!
    I have the honor of announcing what you've all
    been waiting for:

    Hosted by yours truly! Thank you for comin'
    (it really means a lot to me)!

    Last year was such a blast...I didn't know so many of
    you would be interested in my contest...I love you
    guys! Seein' all of your clever, funny and scary
    creations and celebratin' Halloween together with
    you all for an entire month...man, what an exciting
    experience it was! My goal is to make this year's
    edition of our HALLoWEEN CoNTEST just as great!
    Let's have a look at the rules..."

- Rules

  Johnny: "The rules are, just like last year, as simple
    as they could be:

    I accept anything within the theme of Halloween,
    may it be wallpapers, horror stories, avatar
    snapshots of you dressed up for this awesome holiday,
    lyrics, AMVs, drawings, cosplay, photos, pumpkins,
    ghosts, monsters, gremlins...You name it!
    It doesn't even have to be related to Square Enix.

    What's important is that you're puttin' your heart into this!
    (And havin' fun while you're at it!)
    Submit as many entries as you'd like.
    No limitations!"

- How to Submit Your Entry/Entries

  Johnny: "This is a three-step thing, so make
    sure to read it through carefully!

    1. Come up with a fitting entry.

    2. Go through with it.

    3. Post it, or link to it, in JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN
    (you can find my bar in the group - Final Fantasy VII Excavation -)
    AND write a journal entry about it, open to all members or everyone
    (we wanna spread the Halloween spirit to as many people as possible,
    you know) between October 1, 00:00 and October 31, 23:59
    (NA SEM time)."

- Judging Procedure

  Johnny: "All entries will be judged by a trio of secret
    judges. There will be different judges for each entry.
    I have sent out invitations to pretty much everyone,
    so we'll jus' have to wait and see who shows up!
    (Actually, this was Grimoa's idea. He didn't like
    the way I judged things last year, he said...
    So totally Rude!! DX)

    All entries will be awarded 0-7 points in 7
    different categories. Therefore, the minimum
    score is 0 and the maximum is 49.

    The seven categories are:

      - Action
        - Awesomeness
        - Loveliness/Charm
        - Beauty
        - Spirit
        - Uniqueness
        - Halloween Feeling

    As you might suspect, I won't be a judge this time myself,
    but, even so, I don't have anythin' against bribing. ;) "

- Prizes

  Johnny: "Of course, there will be prizes!
    The winner will receive free drinks, meals, snacks and
    'Nillabars at JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN for an entire year!
    Fantastic, isn't it?
    And, as if this wasn't enough, the winner will also
    receive a date with no one less than The Famous Paleon..."

          *A gunshot echoes through the bar and Johnny's microphone
              suddenly becomes dead silent*

  Grimoire: Enough. That's as far as you go...I don't
    remember ever having agreed to anything like that
    being a part of the prizes...

  Johnny: "I was improvising! ...Maybe I just got a little
    too carried away...maybe. It can happen to anyone!
    Even the best! But, you know, it's still not a bad
    idea...you sure you arn't interested?"

  Grimoire: ...

  Johnny: "...I guess not."

          *After getting a hold of a new microphone (a blue one this time)*

  Johnny: "...alright. Sorry about that. On with the show,
    let us continue!
    There will be three winners:

      - The First Prize Winner will, apart from what's
        been mentioned above, receive a Halloween OR
        Christmas themed artwork, drawn by Grimoire,
        featuring a Square Enix Character of his or her choice
        (anyone from Cloud Strife to Break will do).

      - The Second Prize Winner will receive a Halloween OR Christmas
        themed artwork, drawn by Grimoire, featuring a Square Enix enemy
        of his or her choice (anything from Seymour to Mr. Dallas).

      - The Third Prize Winner will receive a Halloween OR Christmas
        themed artwork, drawn by Grimoire, featuring a Square Enix
        mascot of his or her choice (anything from a Moogle to Emil).

    The winners will be announced shortly after October 31, 2011."

  Johnny: "So, what are you waiting for?
    I know what I'm waiting for: YOUR Entries!
    Good Luck, look out for Black Widows
    (and undead Deepground Soldiers), and may
    the best man, woman, or monster (or whatever) win!"

                                        - Contest Entries -

                                            - October I -

  Johnny: "And we have our first entry!"


                      - The Protoheim Incident - A Dinofabula -
                        Submitted by: Grimoire
                        Journal Entry


A life form in a state of suspended animation,
excavated from a 65,000,000 year-old stratum.
Professor G. named this life form "Dinosaur"...

Date: X/X/XX - Dinosaur verified as an Ancient...
Date X/X/XX - Dinosaur Project Approved. Mako Reactor 0 authorized for use...

    "...I've always felt since I was small...
        That I was different from the others. Special, in some way.
                                                            But... not like this..."

    "The Dinosaur Project wanted to produce people
    with the powers of the Ancients......
    no, the Dinosaurs.
                                                             ...I am the one that was produced."

    "Professor G., leader of the Dinosaur Project and genius scientist,
    produced me."

    "Let's go to Dinotopia...You should have ruled this planet.
                  You were stronger, smarter. But then they came...
                                                                            Those inferior dullards...
                                          They came and took this planet away from you..."



    The Silver-Haired Protheesaur shut himself inside the Valentine Manor...
    He proceeded to review book after book, like a Protheesaur possessed.
    The lights in the basement never went off...
    And on the seventh day...

  Grimoire: Oh, hello there, Vergil. What have you been up t...

                                      *Sees the disaster*


  Grimoire: ... . No...Vergil, what have you done!!!?
    My dear library of Dinosaur books...this cannot... T___T

  Vergil: *Burps*

                        *It seems this was too much for poor, old Grimoire.                                         The Paleontologist lies there collapsed, dead silent.*

  Vergil: "...Squee?" *Walks over and gnaws on the mantle.*
    "...TwT Professor G... Why didn't you tell me?
    Why did you die...?"

                                And thus, this sad story was thereafter referred to as
                                                                    "The Protoheim Incident".


  Vergil: "Those worthless creatures are stealing the planet
    from M...
    But now I'm here with you so don't worry...
    let's take this planet back together, M..."



              *Johnny gazes at the apparently lifeless contestant,
                    who is still lying on the ground, dead silent*

  Johnny: "...well, on we go!
    Luckily, three judges actually showed up today:
    Let me present team Shinigami
    (or Triple S, as I'd like to call them)!"

  William T. Spears: "Unfortunately, we did not come here to
    judge this contest. We have a soul to collect.
    ...but since this time of the year is special,
    we might as well..."

    "...Clearly average..."

                                    *Writes down the score*



  Undertaker: "I, on the other hand, decided to drop by
    plainly out of my own curiosity.
    And I would have regretted it had I not!
    Aah, this tragic tale, such beautiful, pure despair...
    how could I not love the deep feeling of resignation
    it emits?"



  Grell Sutcliff: "Hmm...Well, I have to admit that it is
    kind'a creepy, what with the head and stuff...
    but just where's the blood?!
    You can't have a horror story without any blood!
    Therefore, no high score, m-hm~♪:"



-Halloween Feeling-

  Grell: "DEATH! Better luck next time...ah, what a shame.
    There won't be any..."

                              *Walks over to the contestant*

  Grell: "? Something doesn't feel right."

              *Investigates the victim*

  Grell: "Just as I thought. There isn't even a
    trace of a soul in this trashy rag! Only an old
    mantle and a...oh my, what a beautiful red scarf.
                        I'll take this one." *Yoink*

  Undertaker: "He-he-he... Maybe there wasn't any soul
    in that one in the first place?"

  Grell: "Oh...that's just too creepy. *shivers* Wiiiill!~♪:"

  Will: "Hand me the Death Note."

                *William has a look*

  Will: "...Just as I suspected. Grell Sutcliff, you have,
    once again, misread our orders."

                      *Stabs Grell in the head with his scythe*

  Grell:"OUCH! That hurts!!"

  Will: "The first four letters of the name are indeed
    the same, but the last four are completely different."

                *Stabs Grell again, causing him to drop the scarf*

  Grell:"You're so mean! Am I not allowed to make the
    tiniest mistake once in a while? No one would want
    a lady who is too perfect..."

    *Grell is stabbed again, knocking him over*

  Will: "I am sorry to have taken up your time today."

                    *Bows to Johnny*

  Will: "Well then, we will be on our way."

            *Will picks up Grell with his scythe and leaves the scene*

  Johnny: "..."

  Undertaker: "He-he-he...the youngsters certainly enjoy
    themselves these days. I'll be staying here for a while,
    if you don't mind?"

        *Disappears into the spoon tunnel*

  Johnny: "Oh, s-sure. Just tell me if there is anything
    I can get you. It's all on the h-house..."

                      - The Protoheim Incident - A Dinofabula -
                        Score: 34

- 3rd Place -

                                            - October IX -

  Johnny: "Fantastic! Much appreciated!" :D


                      - Vocaloid Halloween Costume -
                        Submitted by: Rin
                        Journal Entry


  Len: "Why does she always make me do it?"

  Rin: "Because you're cute...and I have a road roller."

  Len: "...
    OK, then...
    She wasn't going to enter, but...
    This is her Halloween outfit."

  Rin: "Nee, choudai?" *giggles*



  Johnny: "...So, it's Rin's cute Halloween outfit,
    but Len's the one who's wearing it?
    Man, I really can't tell the two of you
    apart even when you dress normally!
    You're simply amazing.
    Now, lesse what our cute judges have to say.
    Today, I'm happy to present Team YRP!!

  Yuna: "Thank you Johnny.
    It is an honour to be here.
    When Brother forwarded us your invitation,
    we were so excited. And I am happy that
    we could drop by today, since your entry
    is so cute, Rin and Len. Thank you for
    participating. Ohh...this is going to be
                        difficult. I have had a look at the scores
                        given out by previous judges, and going by
                        them, I think it'll be..."



  Rikku: "Yunie, don't be so stiff!
    We're here to have fun, remember?
    So, I say: Let's Party!!
    Anyway: What a cute entry!! You really went
    for cuteness, right? Still, I think that Rin
    probably would have done the dress more



  Rikku: "...E lyhhud pameaja fryd E zicd cyet...Rin,
    eh y tnacc...?! Pft...Bwahahahaha!!!
    Syopa E cruimt ycg Shinra du syga y licdus
    Tnaccbrana vun res. Ur, hajanseht sa."

  Paine: "So you're into crossdressing, huh?
    If you ask nicely, I might give you one
    of my leftover dresspheres."



-Halloween Feeling-

  Johnny: "Thank you! And therefore the total score is:"

                      - Vocaloid Halloween Costume -
                        Score: 24

                                            - October X -

  Johnny: "Entry nr. III!"


                      - Cooking with Angeal: GongaGratin -
                        Submitted by: Angeal
                        Journal Entry


  Balto: My beautiful, lovely, rare, exotic ladies...
    ...never will I hear their happy splashing again...
    ...what a terrible nightmare.
    This, if anything, is a true horror story. ..."


    "...and now you're going to enter with this desecration?!"

  Zack: "But it turned out so good.
    Besides, you're the one who called the recipe
    a nightmare and this whole incident a horror
    story, Balto-nii.
    Angeal, please enter the contest!"

  Cissnei: "..."

      *She looks in Balto's direction, then lowers her head*

    ...Something tells me that I am supposed to
    take Balto's side, but it's just that...it really is
                        delicious. Please, by all means: Do go ahead, Angeal."

  Angeal: "...I didn't mean for it to turn out like this.
    Sorry, Balto."

  Balto: "It's waaay too late now."

  *He snatches the recipe and holds it up for everyone to see*


                                          - GongaGratin -

- Freshly picked potatoes
- Tiny fishes
    (The rarer, the better. However, a can of anchovies will do just fine.)
- Onions
- Cream
    (Remember that cream is always a very important ingredient!)
- Butter
- Parsley or similar jungle herb
    (For decoration.)


1. Chop the potatoes into strips and place them in an oven pan
    until they cover the bottom.

2. Spread the fishes over the potatoes.
    If you're using canned anchovies, pour in the liquid as well.

3. Slice and add the onions.

4. Add as much cream as you like.

5. Cover the fish and onions with another layer of potato strips.

6. Add a little more cream and a few slices of butter.

7. Cover the pan and put it in an oven at 400¨¬F for about 45 minutes.

8. Decorate with parsley for that special jungle feeling.



  Johnny: "And...how, exactly, is this a horror story?"

  Zack: "Well, you see...I was helping Angeal prepare
    dinner, and, after I had fetched a bunch of potatoes,
    he said that we could do with some fish. Then I
    remembered Balto-nii's aquarium, and one thing led
    to another...heh...sorry about that, Balto-niisan.

    Oh, can I be a judge? Although the food doesn't
                        move very much now, the catch itself was...
                        ...me and my big mouth."



      *Angeal has a regretful look on his face*

  Cissnei: "Mmm~"



  Balto: "Cissnei, could you please stop eating
    t...them in front of me?"



-Halloween Feeling-

  Balto: "...Karen, Carla, Layla, Violet, Rachel, Ashleigh,
    Rosie, Andoria..."

      *He goes on, reciting a never ending list of girl names*

    "Rest in peace...I will never forget our time together." T_T


                      - Cooking with Angeal: GongaGratin -
                        Score: 17

                                            - October XVI -

  Johnny: "Awwww...this brings tears to my eyes...
    A massive entry from last year's Grand Champion: Yuki!"


                      - PARTY at MakoDonalds -
                        Submitted by: YukiTsubaki
                        - Prelude
                        Journal Entry
                        - REUNION Night
                        Journal Entry
                        - Conclusion
                        Journal Entry


    *Ah, Halloween. A wonderful time of treats...and perhaps
    some tricks. Tonight however was a quiet night, with
    our usual much abused Jenovan starting his shift at
    the Usual Place...MakoDonalds. The atmosphere was
    more cheerful than usual as our favorite Jenovan
    had just decorated for the holiday...*

  Sephy: "Ah, the decorations are now up. This place looks
    less like a DUMP and more like someplace...

  Kadji: "Decorations up Big Brother!"

  Paine: "We're finished!"

  Balthier: "Some service please!"

  Sephy: "Customers aren't normal..." T_T

  Balthier: "Hey! I'd like an order of everything!
    Do hurry! And put it on my credit!"

  Sephy: "...But you're a Sky Pirate.
    I've been told no credit for you."

  Kadji: "We do have free drinks!"

  Sephy: "But the boss..."

  Kadji: "It's ok! It's Halloween!"

  Paine: "Gimme."

  Reno: "Booze!"

  Yuffie: "All that decorating made me thirsty..."

  Kadji: "Drink up everyone!"

  Balthier: "That's more like it!"

  Zazhy: "Free drinks, huh?"

  Kadji: "Yup Yup!"

  Balthier: "Very re-urk!" *collapses*


  Sephy: "You fool! What have you done to our
    idiot customers?!"

  Kadji: "Oh, just put some of Mother's cells in the drink dispenser... ":3

  Balthier: "Re----u--nion...."

  Yuffie, Paine, Reno: "Re...u...nion...."

  Sephy: "YES. Now, NO ONE will be evil to me.
    Now we Jenovans shall rule the WORLD with Mother."

  Kadji: "Oh Big Brother, you're so smexeh when you
    talk all evil like!" <3

  Sephy: "Come! We march on the world!"


  All: "Re...u...nion...."

  Zazhy: "I gotta stop them..? A dressphere?!
    Well, worth a shot! What tha?!"


    *The rest of the partons at MakoDonalds were
    under the influence of Jenova cells. Sephy,
    their leader, had ordered them to march.
    Sazh found a dress sphere but it was not
    what he expected...*

  Zazhy: "The hell is this?!"
    *Obtained King of Pop Dressphere!*
    "I...I feel the need to dance..."

  Sephy: "Nice moves, mortal."

  Kadji: "Where is this music coming from?!
    I..must...dance!" X3


    *A familiar but very THRILLING song starts playing...
    and Sazhy bursts out in song!*

          It's close to midnight
          Something freaky walkin near the park
          You see the McM sign
          Ain't cholesterol tryin ta stop ya heart
          You go to eat
          But burgers made by Jenovans are creepy
          You wanna hurl
          But that blue starts glowin in your eyes
          You're Jenovized!

          'Cause it's REUNION
          Reunion night
          And there is no escape
          From the urge to reunite
          You know it's REUNION
          REUNION time
          You're fighting for your life
          Cause it's a
          Reunion tonight, yeah

          You see the black hoods
          But this ain't no Organization XIII
          You're growing Silver Hair
          You're all pale and reachin for the sunscreen
          You brush your hair
          And notice that you're goin silver
          But all the while
          You feel the urge to take up the march
          To Nibelheim

          'Cause it's Reunion
          Reunion time
          There ain't no chance
          That you'll miss the gathering at North Cave
          Reunion time
          You're fighting for your life
          But there's a Reunion
          Reunion tonight

          The time it grows near
          The clones start marchin to the Whirlwind Maze
          The call of Mother is very strong
          (She's very strong)
          This is the end of the March

          They've all got blue eyes
          The Clones closing in on every side
          They look just like you
          Walking toward the point of no return
          Now is the time
          For you and I go and meet our Mother
          All through the night
          Big Brother'll make everything all right
          He's a smexey sight

          This is Reunion
          Reunion Time
          'Cause Meteor will punish
          All the fools who will dare try
          (Reunion Time)
          Cause Mother'll kick their butts
          And have a
          (REUNION here tonight)

          'Cause it's REUNION
          REUNION time
          Big Brother'll save us
          and cast Meteor on everyone
          (REUNION Time)
          So everyone let's go
          And meet up for a
          (Reunion, Reunion)

          Meet you at Shinra Mansion tonight


  Vincent: "I...should probably do the rap thing that the
    Immortal Vincent Price did but...I...just don't do
    that sort of thing. The girls seem to like me just
    standing here...

  Miku: <3

  Dead Master: "You're so hawt Vincent!" <3

  Kosmos: "My programming tells me that you are indeed this
    thing described as "hot"."

  Zazhy: "How do you do it man! Teach me Master!"

  Vincent: "Um...no." --_--


    *The dressphere that Paine had left behind
    at MakoDonalds turned out to be more than Sazh
    had bargained for,but had some serious power.
    Not only did he have new abilities to sing and
    dance, but he managed to draw all of those who
    had injested the Jenova Cell soft drinks into
    the Dance Vortex with him!
                        Was it enough to stop the Reunion?!*

  Zazhy: "Whoo! I'm gonna get buns of steel dancin
    like that! Hope it was enough to stop them...

  Sephy: "That was a nice diversion, mortal, but I'm afraid
    it won't be enough! This Reunion will go on!"

  Zazhy: "Crap! The good is this thing when it doesn't work?!"

  Sephy: "Brothers and Sisters! Follow me to the Reunion!"

  All: "Re...un...ion..."

  Kadji: "Oh Big Brother...you sound like a real leader!" <3

  Sephy: "Follow me to Victory!"

  Zazhy: "............"

  Zazhy: "They're headed to.....?"

    *Where are they headed?! Why to...*

  Zazhy: "Mr. Mako Donut shop?"

  Zazhy: "Damn man, quite the party in this place!"

    *Indeed! All of the Jenova tainted peeps had followed
    the Jenovans to the shop!*

  Sephy: "YES. Now my plan will be fulfilled!"

  Zazhy: "I don't get it man. I thought you were
    headed to the North Cave to cast Meteor?"

  Kadji: "Meteor was several FF installments ago!
    We're beyond that now!"

  Zazhy: "Then what were you...?"

  Sephy: "Now that I have everyone under my command...
    look at all the Tip money my minions have showered
    on me! "

  Zazhy: "Don't tell me..."

  Sephy: "I shall use the power of Mother to get myself
    gil and a girlfriend!"

  Kadji: "Big brother, you're a genius!" <3

  Miku: "Hello there, Silver haired bubby..." :3

  Zazhy: "I wasted a perfectly good night on this mess..." T_T

  Kadji: "Big Brother! This is the first episode where you
    haven't been abused!"

  Sephy: "Mother's cells are miraculous!" T_T

    The End...for now....


  Edward: *Ahem*
    "We are here today to pass the verdict.
    ...At first, I was going to give this entry a pretty high
    score, but someone made me change my mind.
    Suit yourself."



  Alphonse: "But we really did enjoy ourselves...
    Besides...a camera never lies."



  Ed: "What is THAT supposed to mean!?"

  ??? "Meow~"

  Ed: "...Come on, what're you hiding this time?"

  Al: :3
    "...but it looked so lonely...and lost. I'm sorry..."

  Ed: *Sighs* "Not again..."

  Al: "...She can help us judge the entry!"

  Ed: "A cat!? How would it be able to do that!?"

  Al: "We count the times she meows! Right, Shijima?"

  Ed: "Shijima?"

  Shijima "Meow~ ...Meow, meeow~, me-ooow,
    mew, meow, meow."

    "Meow. Mwe."

    "... Seven."



-Halloween Feeling-

  Shijima :3

                      - PARTY at MakoDonalds -
                        Score: 40


                                            - October XIX -

  Johnny: *Shivers* "This one's way too scary..."


                      - Haunted object? You decide -
                        Submitted by: Yomi
                        Journal Entry


  Yomi: "Um...this is my entry.
    But Yuki's going to tell everyone about this...this...
    creeps me out." TWT

  Yuki: "Ok. All MakoDonalds foolishness aside,
    this one is true. First some backstory.

    Going on 12 years ago, I was enrolled in
    art school and finishing up my A.F.A.
    Met my husband there but that's another
    story for another day. At this point,
    hadn't even known him but for about a
    month. Was working full time and going
    to school full time as well. Rented a
    room but Jeff had more room at his place
    for working on large and ambitious projects.
    One of the classes I was taking at the time
    was a multimedia class and we had to pick
    an object and render it in 15 different
    mediums for the mid term grade.

    Up until moving to this part of the state,
    hadn't encountered many Catholics and it went
    without saying that I became interested in
    iconography when I came in contact with it.
    Since I was seeing so much of it, I chose
    statues of the Holy Mother as my subject and
    set about collecting as many as I could find,
    going to the flea market for my finds...
    (For the record, I was respectful to the statues
    and the finished project presentation ended up
    looking like a shrine.) To this end, the lady
    I was renting a room from gave me one of my most
    beautiful ones: an Italian plaster figure of Mary.

    I was interested in the depictions of the
    Virgin of Guadalupe and set about making a similar
    set up using this one. At Jeff's I set about making
    a small alcove using flowers and semiprecious gemstones.
    It got late and I called it a night. I turned it toward
    the door and shut it as he had a cat and didn't want
    her to disturb it.

    Not 10 minutes later, I hear a large crash in
    the room. Jeff got up and checked it out, asking
    where I'd put the project. I ran over to it...and
    the sight was rather odd. The alcove was turned
    opposite to the direction I put it, door open,
    and was across the floor. The statue? Broken in
    3 very neat pieces...and upside down. No other breaks!
    Couldn't blame this on the cat, she never entered
    the room nor could she have as the door was closed.

    Over the years, I've tried to glue it back together
    ...using every type of glue/epoxy possible....no luck.
    Just last week, it landed on the floor, no one near it,
    no cats, and broke again. It was even toward the middle
    of my desk...and it fell to the floor.



  Johnny: "If it wants to be broken that badly then
    maybe you really should let it be..."

          *All of a sudden, the loud roar of motorcycle engines tears
         through the air. Johnny is almost run over and has to retreat,
                             taking cover behind the counter*

  Kadaj: "Today, we have come to play! You should be happy.
    But, sadly enough, we didn't receive an invitation...
    I take it we were simply left out, no?"

  Loz: *To Johnny* "Wanna play?"

  Yazoo: "You will regret it if you don't."

  Johnny: "...go ahead, play around as much as you like...
    customer's always right!"
    ("What a nightmare...")

  Kadaj: *Spots the statue*
    "It's Mother!"



  Loz: "How come Mother's here?"



  Yazoo: "Big Brother must have hidden Mother in this dump."



-Halloween Feeling-

  Kadaj: "We will bring Mother with us...and together,
    we will create a shining future!"

    *Takes the Head*

  Loz: "How come Mother's broken?"

    *Takes the Body*

  Yazoo: "Because Mother knew we were coming
    to pick her up."

    *Takes the Feet*

  Kadaj: "This is a gift from her...she always does so
    much for us. Everything will be all right now...
    come, let's go to where Big Brother is."

                 *The trio finally leaves to Johnny's great relief*

                      - Haunted object? You decide -
                        Score: 33

- Judges' Prize -

                                            - October XX -

  Johnny: "Another, most creepy, entry...!"


                      - Tarutaru Bozy -
                        Submitted by: Break ...? (Or is it...really? Hi-mi-tsu.)
                        Journal Entry


[A teru teru bozu is a good luck charm that is said to protect against rain.]


  Xerxes Break: "Trick or Treat!" ^_^

    *Starts handing out candy and other sweets*


  Johnny: "...
    What does Team PANDA♥ have to say about...this?"

  Gilbert Nightray: "...That thing is more a curse than
    anything else.
    It's raining."

    *gloomy, gloomy...*



  Vincent Nightray: "Bribing the jury with sweets, are we?"

  Break: "As expected from someone who has never had
    a friend. Of course you wouldn't understand
    pure generosity, Vincent."

    *Breaks a lollipop between his teeth*

    "You didn't have to come. You didn't
                         receive an invitation, am I correct?"

  Vincent: "Anywhere niisan goes, I go."

  Gil: "..."

    *gloomy, gloomy...*

  Vincent: "Bites off a lollipop*



  Uncle Oscar: "There, there boys." ^_^'

    "Cursed or not, I just happen to love this
    weather, it's my favourite kind! Moreover, I would
    say that this is quite an interesting entry.
    Simply perfect for the holiday."



-Halloween Feeling-

  Uncle Oscar: "There you go."

  Tarutatu Bozy: "Only 20 points? My, how cheap!!"

                  *Johnny jumps in fright, taken by surprise*

  Johnny: "I-I-It talked!!"

  Break: "But of course. It's Emily."

  Emily: "What a total fiasco...I sat up all night
    working on my costume. Baaaka contest.

    *Jumps down into the spoon tunnel and settles
    on Undertaker's shoulder*

    "I'll be staying here for a while."

  Johnny: "...O-Okay...make yourself at h-home..."

                      - Tarutaru Bozy -
                        Score: 20

                                            - October XXII -

  Johnny: "An entry submitted by ol' Tanaka!"


                      - Halloween with the Phantomhives -
                        Submitted by: Tanaka
                        Journal Entry


An October day, Bocchan's aunt and fiancé dropped by to bring a little
joy to the mansion.

  Elizabeth: "Ne, ne, Ciel, let's go trick or treating this year?
    But first, you have to dress up, like me. Hihi."

  Madam Red: "And I have the perfect outfit!"
    *brings out a magical costume along with the wig Ciel
    had worn at the Viscount's party*

  Ciel: *shivers when he sees the wig*
    "That again?" -_-'

  Sebastian: *stifles a laugh*

  Lizzy: "Waa, so pretty!~ I remember a girl at a dance
    with hair like that, she wore a
    beautiful pink dress."

  Sebastian: *laughs*
    "Excuse me, I'll change Bocchan's clothes."

Ciel soon returns wearing a coat and Madam Red removes it.

  Madam Red: "You're so beautiful!
    I always wanted a daughter." <3

  Lizzy: "Sebastian-san, could you sing a song for us?"

  Sebastian: "I'm sorry, Lady Elizabeth, I cannot,
    but Bocchan can!"

  Ciel: "?! Kisama!"

  Lizzy: "Oh, please?"

  Ciel: "All right, but just because you asked." (-///-)

*door bell*

  Alois: "Trick or treat?"

  Finnian: "Ah, here!"
    *gives Alois more sweets than he can carry*

  Claude: "Danna-sama, let me carry it for you."
    *wraps the candies in a web*


He peeks through the door and sees who is singing.
Sebastian quickly heads over to the door.

  Sebastian: "May I help you?"

  Claude: "No, it's nothing. We're leaving."

  Lizzy: "Kawaii! So now we can go ask for candy?"

  Ciel: "Why? I have a factory!"

  Tanaka: "Excuse me, Bocchan."
    *takes Ciel's top hat and puts chocolates in it*
    "Here, chocolates for you, my lady."


  Lizzy: "Thank you, Tanaka-san! Here, for you!"
    *puts a pumpkin on Chibi Tanaka's head*

  Tanaka: "Ho-ho-ho!"


And that was what happened...

(The end?)


  Johnny: "What a fantastic day.
    Now, let me present the judges: Team..."

  Baldroy, Mey-Rin and Finnian: "...INCOMPETENT SERVANTS!" :D :D :D

  Baldroy: "We're gonna show the world that we're
    just as good as Team Shinigami!"

  Finnian: "That's right!" :D

  Mey-Rin: "We will do our best!"

  Baldroy: "Starting off with Action and and Awesomeness.
    There was a lot of action going on behind
    the scenes! ...but that's another story."



  Finnian: "That dress was so beautiful...
    and Tanaka, he's always so dignified, even as a
    kawaii litte chibi!
    If only I could be like him..."



  Mey-Rin: "Bocchan still looked a little sad, somehow...
    But he tried his best! He is always so
    brave and inspiring. Making him smile
    once in a while, if only just a little,
    is the least we can do!"



-Halloween Feeling-

  Pluto: "GAAAAAUUUUU!!!!!!!!!"
    *Comes jumping out of nowhere and snatches the
    entry out of the hands of the judges. He then
    rushes off with it between his teeth."

  Baldroy, Mey-Rin and Finnian: "PLUE!! No, come back here! Wait up!!
    That's not dog food!"
    *The trio hurries off after him.*

  Tanaka: "Ho-ho-ho..." T_T

                      - Halloween with the Phantomhives -
                        Score: 35

- 2nd Place -

                                            - October XXIV -

  Johnny: "Hey, I know those two...!
    I wonder if they still have any candy to spare?"


                      - Trick or Treat? -
                        Submitted by: The Ripax Siblings
                        Journal Entry


Ripax1 and her brothers Ripax2 and Indicsm2 were out asking for
candy when they saw a couple by the rocks near the sea.

  Ripax2: "Hey look! Let's ask them, the lady has a basket!"

  Ripax1: "Ok!"

  Indicsm2: *running* "I'll get more 'cuz I'll get there first!"

  All: "Trick or treat?"

And they were given a sweet so big that it wouldn't even fit into their mouths.



  Johnny: "It's time to hear what Team XHearts has to say!"

  Kairi: "Oh...they seem to be having so much fun.
    I wonder if we too would get sweets if
    we dressed up and went trick-or-treating?"



  Riku: "Why even bother?
    The only thing we would end up with is
    a pile of paopu fruits. Don't put too
    much hope in it."



  Sora: "I think it's a great idea!
    Besides, you never know until you've
    tried, right?"



-Halloween Feeling-

  Sora: "Let's all go to Halloween Town!"

                      - Trick or Treat? -
                        Score: 27

                                            - October XXX -

  Johnny: "Man, those costumes are awesome!!"


                      - Heaven and Hell -
                        Submitted by: Pazu! Rin!
                        Journal Entry


  Omega Pazu: "From the future, Pazu..."

  Chaos Rin: "...and Rin is here on magical journey!"

  Omega Pazu: "Dad told us so much about adventures..."

  Chaos Rin: "...so decided to dress up like
    "Chaos" and "Omega"!"

  Omega Pazu: "We hasn't seen them ourselves..."

  Chaos Rin: "...but they did look somewhat
    like this, right? Right?"



  Johnny: "You look just like the real thing!
    The costumes are so well made...I take it
    your mom helped you out with them?
    Say hello to Nanaki from me, won't ya? :D

    What do our very special judges have to say?"

  Chocobo Chick: *Chirps a happy melody*



  Cait Sith: "The bird says: Your entry is great!
    It has everything since it's both cool and cute!

  Hattsumikamine Routoyousuna Eripuruchi: "It's my turn,
    kupo! I'm very pleased to meet you all, kupo!
    ...Although...the entry is a little scary, kupo..."



  Cait Sith: "Rest assured, lads. Yer costumes look jes perfect!
    Trust me, I was right in the middle o' it
    when it all happened. Splendid work, I say."



-Halloween Feeling-

  Omega Pazu and Chaos Rin: "ROAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                      - Heaven and Hell -
                        Score: 35

- 2nd Place -

  Johnny: "And would you look at this!
    It seems that we got a second entry today!"


                      - Alone... -
                        Submitted by: Ripax
                        Journal Entry


  Ripax1: "A little kid walking around, alone."



  Johnny: "I really don't understand how you're
    able to put together a fantastic costume
    just like that. Such talent! I always end
    up buying my stuff, like this outfit.

    Over to the judges!"

  Biggs: "I have to agree with Johnny. That's an
    amazing dress! Hmm...actually, AVALANCHE could
    do with someone like you. You could help us with
    our disguises, if it's not too much to ask?
    I'd better talk to Barret about this..."



  Wedge: "That's such a lovely picture.
    Somehow it makes me think of those old
    childrens' storybooks I used to read to my
    little brother and sis until just recently.
    Oh, and those're your avatar clothes, right?
    It's so impressive how you managed to sew
    an exact replica of them!"



  Jessie: "That's so beautiful...
    You're pretty skilled, you know? Make
    sure to nurture that talent of yours and
    keep going.
    You know, once upon a time I too used to sew.
    Nowadays I'm only famous for my bombs..."



-Halloween Feeling-

                      - Alone... -
                        Score: 33

                                            - October XXXI -

  Johnny: "She always gives me nightmares..."


                      - The Crow: Knight of the 'Nilla -
                        Submitted by: Gaia
                        Journal Entry


                                          Please listen.

It happened one dark Halloween night, as Gaialei Strife, Mukki Force's
"Knight of the Nilla" was making the rounds with the object of
affection. Punks invaded from all sides in that dark alleyway.
"CLOUD RUN!!!" she shouted as she engaged with the enemy, but Cloud,
inflicted by a strong incantation, could neither run, nor fight with her.
It drove her mad, giving her more strength to carry on.
She was able to protect Cloud until the spell wore off, he tried to
drag her out of the alleyway to fight, but she stayed behind,
to cover his escape, and was cut down.

As she lay there, dying on the dark streets of Midgar,
she cursed herself for not being strong enough.

  "Do you desire strength, young one?"

The voice was clear, yet coming from all over

  "...I.... I want strength enough...
    to protect what I love... WHO I love..."

A giant black bird descended upon her, as she floated in what seemed
like a grey fog.
It landed beside her, it's midnight eyes peering deep into her.

  "You seek to protect those you love...
    and so I will bind you to me.
    You will live, young one,
    but you will exist only to protect."

  "I...already exist that way... I'm a Knight...."

  "No... You are a Crow..."

Cloud was surprised to see her wounds healing rapidly, a ragged gasp for air sounding througout the dark streets.


Gaia opened her eyes, and as the makeup appeared around her face,
she looked up at Cloud and smiled.

  "See?? I will always exist to protect you..."

And so, like that Halloween night so long ago, Gaialei dons a familiar face,
fighting for justice, for love, and for those she loves.

She is the Crow: Knight of the 'Nilla.



  Johnny: *Shivers*
    "Well...all's well that ends well."
    *Thinks to himself* "Why does Cloud
    always get all the chicks?!"

    "Anyway...over to the famous Triple S!"

  Marlene: "Hi!~
    ...but why are you so scared, Johnny? It's
    just a disguise. Right, Gaia-neesan?
    It's a very good one though."



  Denzel: "Mm...but creepy. You're not looking very
    cute with all that makeup. Maybe you should
    wash it off before Tifa sees you."



  Rick: "Don't be so rude, Denzel. Not to a girl!
    It's a great dress-up! It's cool and scary
    and everythin'!
    Keep going. I'll make sure to give you a
    score that'll make up for Mr. Grumpy's."



-Halloween Feeling-

  Denzel: "But I only told her what I thought
    about it...
    I bet Cloud will think the same...shouldn't
    a jury be honest?"

  Rick: "Hush!"

                      - The Crow: Knight of the 'Nilla -
                        Score: 34

- 3rd Place -

  Johnny: "You know what? Here's another
    last minute entry!"


                      - Halloween Special: Dissidia Dream Battle -
                        Submitted by: Mokenik
                        - Part I
                        Journal Entry
                        - Part II
                        Journal Entry


  Mokenik: "Hello everyone, i know i still haven't finished
    the deadliest warrior yet i've been ignoring it, but anyways
    here's the 2nd dissidia dream battle using characters not in
    Dissidia or duodecim.

    The Overlord (Overlord or Overlord 2 for 360 and
    other systems) vs Magus (Chrono Trigger)

    This is a battle of a Chaos Warrior (overlord) vs Cosmos's
    chosen (Magus) and it looks to be a good match up.

    First we focus on the Overlord. He doesn't speak
    much but you will hear Gnarl (his head minion)
    speaking during the fights. All of his bravery
    attacks focus around using his minions.
    He has 4 types of minions in Overlord the game,
    brown which are fighters/ damage dealers,
    green which are immune to poisons and when
    used with a guard mark (ground bravery attack)
    makes them invisible to enemies and the
    greens jump the enemy when they get close,
    Blues which are magic users and are immune to
    all magic damage, so you can't counter them with
    magic attacks, and reds which are immune to all
    fire, and throw fireballs at nearby enemies
    when used with a guard mark (air bravery attack).
    His bravery attacks with the minions do smaller
    damage than all other characters, but hit many
    more times than most bravery attacks, so it
    still deals around normal damage. The Overlord
    is the master of all hp attackers himself
    however, using his weapon (mace, axe, or
    sword/greatsword) or his array of fire spells.
    He has only really a few hp attacks, with the
    fire ones being both air and ground.
    When he enters EX Mode, Gnarl appears and
    helps with fighting, increasing all power of
    minion attack damage. His EX burst starts
    with two hits followed with a minion counter.
    Begin pressing O as fast as you can to get the
    maximum of 80, and then the attack starts with
    a barrage from the browns, then back attacks
    from greens, followed by attacks from the blues,
    then fireballs from the reds, knocking the
    enemy into the overlord's flamethrower spell,
    followed by an inferno spell blasting them
    into the air, and finishing with a fireball
    spell creating a huge Flare attack dealing
    the HP damage.

    Next will be an explanation of Magus and the
    overall winner.

    Ok we all saw the Overlord and his abilities
    in battle. Now let's take a look at an iconic
    character in Square Enix history, who'se game
    got integrated into the Final Fantasy universe
    as a result of a remake for the PSX. Magus,
    also known as Janus, of Chrono Trigger.
    Chosen by Cosmos as a result of the summoning
    of the overlord by Chaos. She trusted him for
    his resolve to find Schala.

    Anywho.... On to the abilities. Magus is
    considered to be a more magic inclined character,
    much like Exdeath or Golbez, only a warrior of
    cosmos instead (strange i know). Most of his
    attacks bravery wise are either quick scythe
    attacks or decently powerful magic attacks
    including Thundara, blizzara, and fira.
    His HP attacks deal with his power of Dark magic,
    and are attacks like Black Hole, Dark Matter,
    Dark Mist, and Dark Bomb.

    In EX Mode he glows with a dark aura and his
    magic power increases. He also has a chargeable
    extra HP attack stolen from Lynx of Chrono Cross,
    which deals with a large attack by strange demonic
    cats. His EX burst is his triple technique Dark
    Eternal, in which upon successful button presses
    (much like golbez) has Marle and Lucca appear for
    the iconic super spell which deals good bravery
    damage and an hp attack.

    Battle Music
    Although remixed in a Dissidia Style.

    Battleground: Magus's Ritual Room (where you fight him in 600 AD)

    Overall Winner: Magus couldn't deal well with the
    minion attacks and therefore lost of the assault
    from the minions.


  Johnny: "Man, so many words...I'm glad that
    I'm not a judge this year...I m-mean,
    over to the judges: The Original AVALANCHE!"

  Fuhito: "Fu fu fu...You seem to be taking far from
    everything into consideration. An absolute
    winner will not be decided so easily, neither
    will the two units be well-balanced enough for
    a game like Dissidia. Yet, your dedication
    is admirable."



  Elfe: "What an intense battle...
    If they only had a reason to fight each
    other, a purpose for their battle.
    Then I am sure that both of them would
    be even stronger."



  Sears: "What a fight! I'd really like to challange
    those guys someday. They seem to be pretty
    talented. I could really need a good fight
    right now..."



-Halloween Feeling-

                      - Halloween Special: Dissidia Dream Battle -
                        Score: 26

- Score -

1 - PARTY at MakoDonalds - By YukiTsubaki - 40

2 - Halloween with the Phantomhives - By Tanaka - 35
2 - Heaven and Hell - By Pazu and Rin - 35

3 - The Crow: Knight of the 'Nilla - By Gaia - 34
3 - The Protoheim Incident - A Dinofabula - By Grimoire - 34

4 - Haunted object? You decide - By Yomi - 33
4 - Alone... - By Ripax - 33
5 - Trick or Treat? - By The Ripax Siblings - 27
6 - Halloween Special: Dissidia Dream Battle - By Mokenik - 26
7 - Vocaloid Halloween Costume - By Rin - 24
8 - Tarutaru Bozy - By Emily - 20
9 - Cooking with Angeal: GongaGratin - By Angeal - 17

  Johnny: "First of all: Thank you, THANK YOU everyone
    who participated! (And all judges as well.)
    Your amazing and astonishing entries left me dumbstruck.
    It was such an awesome experience to host this year's
    and I hope that you all will return next year.
    I also hope that you had as much fun as I did over
    this past month.
    HALLoWEEN's such a great holiday, don't you think?
    You did get as many treats as you set out to get yesterday,
    right? If not, there's still plenty of candy and sweets
    over at JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN, so don't hesitate to drop by
    whenever you feel like it. And with that, I'd like to
    say a few things to the Honourable Winners."

  Johnny: "YukiTsubaki: YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!
    Man, you're so skilled!
    Congratulations to a simply awesome entry in
    every aspect! It was fun, had a lot of spirit
    and was a bit scary, too...
    What more could anyone ask for?
    Nothin', that's the answer!

    As promised, everythin's on the house for a whole
    year. And of course that includes all 'Nilla products
    I can get my hands on. The 'Nilla supplier has been missin'
    in action for quite some time though...but nevermind that!

    You'll also receive a Halloween OR Christmas themed artwork,
    drawn by Grimoire, featuring any Square Enix character of
    your choice. Got any ideas yet? I can't wait to see how
    this prize will turn out! Talk to Grimoire about it once
    you have made a decision, won't ya? Two years in a row...
    Man, what an unbeatable champion. I'm already lookin'
    forward to next years entry!"

  Johnny: "Tanaka: Who would have guessed that an
    ol' guy like you would take home second prize?!
    You prove that old folks also got what it takes
    (from time to time...)! You guys really love your
    cute little Bocchan, don't you? What a nice
    little party you threw for him...it brings
    tears to my eyes. And that self-portrait of
    yours was jus' fantastic! Maybe you should
    wear a pupmkin for a hat more often? Somehow
    it really suits you!

    Make sure to go 'n discuss your prize,
    a Halloween OR Christmas themed picture drawn
    by Grimoire, featuring any Square Enix enemy
    of your choice, with him as soon as you've decided on
    somethin'. As long as the enemy's connected
    to Square Enix, there's no limitations whatsoever!
    Congratulations and thank you once more!"

  Johnny: "Pazu, Rin: You were awesome!
    Jus' as the Chocobo said,
    the two of you were both cute and cool.
    If you ask me, it's no surprise that you, too,
    ended up with the second place prize. I bet you'll
    come up with a great idea for your prize:
    a Halloween OR Christmas themed picture
    drawn by Grimoire, featuring any Square Enix
    enemy of your choice. Go 'n talk with Grimoire
    right away, won't ya? Good boys!"

  Johnny: "Gaialei_Strife: How can you always be so scary? T_T
    You give me the creeps...and nightmares! I haven't
    been able to sleep since I saw your entry.
    Man...anyway...you're so scary that I'm even
    afraid to face you and tell you that you
    won third prize: a Halloween OR Christmas
    themed artwork, drawn by Grimoire, featuring a
    Square Enix mascot of your choice drawn by Grimoire.
    Take your time and come up with a good idea now.
    ...or hurry of 'n talk to him right away.

  Johnny: "And...Grimoire. How could YOU (of all people)
    too win third prize? Your entry wasn't even
    scary! I don't get it...I won't even go over
    the prize with you, since you should know it
    already. Strange things happen, I guess..."

  Johnny: "Hey! I'm not finished yet!
    I will hereby announce that a Special Prize
    will be given to the most distinguished trio
    of judges, namely: Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo!
    Even though you weren't even invited in the first
    place, you'll now get a picture of whatever you want.
    ...and I can already guess the result..."

  Grimoire: ...

  Johnny: "...And to make up for this, another Special
    Prize will be given out for a very
    Halloweenish picture. This one!"


  Johnny: "Same prize as the previous one: anythin'll do.
    You'll be busy from now on, won't ya, ol' G?
    And, with that, thank you, see you at JoHoNNY'S
    and have a great day!"

                                          - Last Year -