- CHoCoBo DAYS 2014 - April 14-20 -

- Announcement -

    Johnny: The Chocobo holiday is finally upon us!
                 And what better way to celebrate it than a forum egg hunt?
                 The rules are as simple as they get:
                 Follow the clue below and try to find
                 the thread where the first egg has been
                 hidden by one of our beloved mascots.
                 Once you've located it, let us know what
                                     you found and where you found it by posting
                                     about your find here in this thread.
                                     Doing so will earn you a Chocobo version
                                     of any Square Enix character of your choice.

                                     New eggs will be hidden upon discovery of current ones.
                                     So, to put it simply: The more eggs you manage to hunt
                                     down and bring back to me, the more I will throw at ya!

                                     When the week comes to a close, the hunter who has
                                     brought back the most eggs will be crowned the winner
                                     of our egg hunting contest and receive a special prize:
                                     An artwork of any Square Enix character of their
                                     choice riding a matching Chocobo, drawn by Grimoire.

                                     Let's get started, shall we?

                                     ~A green, amphibian guy is hiding in the Sea of Stars~
                                     (Feel free to ask for clues.)

                                     Seven days later...
                                     Now, this is what your answer was supposed to be:
                                     Tonberry is hidin' in the thread
                                     Welcome to Square Enix Titles: STAR OCEAN Series!

                                     Anyways...let's do like this instead:
                                     Happy Chocobo Day, everyone!

- CHoCoBo DAYS 2013 - March 25-31 -

- Announcement -

    Johnny: "You know what? I hereby have the honour
                  to announce Chocobo Days 2013!!
                  Thing is, I'll need your help guys.
                  To make this holiday a really special one, I would
                  like you to post something Chocoboish of your own.
                  It can be a poem, a picture, a diorama, a painted egg...
                  it's all up to you! Anyone who posts one or more
                                      submissions will be rewarded with a picture featuring
                                      a Square Enix character of your choice together with
                                      a matching Chocobo, drawn by Grimoire. You heard me!
                                      The one thing I want from you is that you put your heart in it.
                                      Time to get things going! I'm lookin' forward to your stuff! :D

                                      ...I almost forgot!! Once a day, I'm going to post
                                      a "Mystery Egg". Guess who's hidin', and if you're
                                      the first one to give the correct answer you'll receive
                                      a chocofied version of any Square Enix character of
                                      your choice. Like this one:

                                      Best of luck, and Happy Chocobo Holidays!"

Winner: Zench
Prize: Chocobo Onion Knight

Winner: Mokenik
Prize: Chocobo Exdeath

Winner: Gil
Prize: Chocobo Raven

Winner: Ripax
Prize: Chocobo Ace

Winner: DerekMaverick
Prize: Chocobo Lightning

Winner: Minerva
Prize: Chocobo Gilbert

- Submissions -

-Ace and ChocoFriends by Ripax1

-Zange and Egg by Ripax1

Reward: Cater and Chocobo Eight

- CHoCoBo DAYS 2012 - April 1-13 -

- Announcement -

    Johnny: "Chocobo Days has now begun, kweh!
                  Any submission will be rewarded with a chibi
                  Chocobo featuring a Square Enix character of
                  your choice, turned into a Chocobo, kweh!
                  Like this, kweh!

      Kweh! Am I not cute, or what?!

      Post anything on the theme of Chocobos, eggs,
      bunnies or birds either in JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN or
      in the Chocobo thread over at - FINAL FANTASY
      VII Excavation -, wark. Drawings, videos, photos,
      poems, colourful eggs, you name it, kweh!
      Anything goes, wark, as long as you've put your
      heart into it.

      Have fun now, kweh!"

- Egg Hunt! -

The poor Easter Bunny's
eggs were stolen while she was taking a nap.
Can you help her retrieve them?
The eggs have been scattered all over
- FINAL FANTASY VII Excavation -'s website.

Oh, an egg has been found! Hmm, but now
someone has marked it with an "E". I wonder
what it could mean? Find the rest of the eggs,
put together the letters to form a certain
word and bring it back to JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN
or the Chocobo thread.

The winner will receive a picture featuring
a SQUARE ENIX character dressed up in a
Chocobo costume. Who will be able to attend
the masquerade? It's all up to you!


Winner - Ripax

- ChocoQuiz -

Have a go at the Chocobo Quiz!
I will post new questions randomly.

Answer as many as you want
at the same time.
If the current questions are too
difficult, then you can simply wait
for easier ones.

The one to answer the most questions
correctly by the end of Chocobo Days
will receive a picture featuring a
FINAL FANTASY character of his or her
choice riding a chocobo.
May the best man or lady win!

I - What type of Chocobo is Boko of the Compilation?
Answer: A River Chocobo

II - Which famous FINAL FANTASY hero
is infamous for kicking Chicobos?
Answer: Squall

III - What were Dajh's two requirements
for the Chocobo Chick's name?
Answer: The name should be both Cool and Cute

IV - What was the name of the Crusader who
wanted to become a Chocobo breeder?
Answer: Clasko

V - Which FINAL FANTASY VII party member
made their way home on a Chocobo
after the final battle?
Answer: Yuffie

wears a Flying Chocobo ornament?
Answer: Zidane

VII - What is the name of Hyperion/Teioh's
handsome jockey?
Answer: Joe

VIII - Chocobo's partner in Final Fantasy
Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, Cid, loses
something important, what?
Answer: His memories

IX - What is the name of the mysterious
merchant in FINAL FANTASY XIII-2
Answer: Chocolina

X - There is something strange about the feet of
Amano's old Chocobo design: What?
Answer: They are inverted

XI - What sad fate had befallen Zidane's friend Choco?
Answer: He had been abandoned by his owner

XII - Can you kill the Chocobos in FINAL FANTASY X-2?
Answer: Yes

XIII - What is shown on the screen if you perform a
Answer: Bartz and Boko

XIV - What is the name of the item store across
the street from the theater where LOVELESS
is performed?
Answer: Chocobo King

XV - Which hero lands a Chocobo Stomp as
good as any Chocobo?
Answer: Zack Fair

XVI - Who deeply regrets having had
eggs for breakfast?
Answer: Yuffie

XVII - Name the three members of the
Chocobo Ranch family.
Answer: Choco Bill, Choco Billy and Chole

XVIII - Whose beloved childhood book had a
Chocobo on the cover?
Answer: Reeve's

XIX - Name Chichiro's rider.
Answer: Izana

XX - Where do strong and brave Chocobos of Gaia go?
Answer: To Chocobo's Paradise

XXI - Chronologically, where does the Chocobo Chick
of FINAL FANTASY XIII make its first appearance?
Answer: Outside a pet shop in Bodhum.


Winners - Zench and Grimoire


Zench - VII
Grimoire - VII
neotsuna - III
Gaia - II
Mokenik - II

- Submissions -

-Eggs by Len and Rin

-Dissidia 012 - The power of Chocobo! by Zench

-Lightning and Hope Bunnies by Gaia

-Sazhy and Friends by Yuki

-Moe, Moe! by Yuki

-PARTY Ride by Yuki


- Announcement -

    Johnny: "Listen up, everyone! I hereby announce an egg painting contest!
                  Just give me your entries here at JoHoNNY'S before Monday
                  [April 25, 2011] and I will decide which one I like the most.
                  The winner will receive a year's worth of free drinks,
                  and a Final Fantasy picture made by Grimoire (you decide the
                  motif!). Both photos of real eggs as well as entirely digital
                  media are allowed as long as you put your heart into it.
                                      Paint whatever you want! Now, go, go!"

- The Entrants And The Winner -

    Johnny: "It's finally time to reveal the winner! Thank you for participating,

                  I had a lot of fun during these days, and I even got some awesome
                  AND cute new friends! The Chicobo Squad! They are so cuddly...
                  and they're all gonna grow up into big Chocobos.
                  Thank you sooo much, Prothee! Now, where could they have run off
                                      But back to the contest! I received three entries:"

                  A cute and very eggy one by Gaia

                  An infernal one by Loki

                  And last, a disqualified, but oh-so-cute, one from Prothee and friends

    Johnny: "And the winner is...LOKI!!!!!!!
                  Just awesome, man! You know, I used to have exactly the same
                  style when I was young. You know, with skulls an' stuff.
                  Thank you for sending this in, you sure are skilled!
                  I would never be able to paint this kind of thing...
                  I am totally impressed, that's for sure!
                  So the prizes are yours to take. Drink as much as you want,
                                      and go make that old guy draw something interesting!
                                      Which reminds me...Prothee wants a picture of Vergil,
                                      and Gaia too truly deserves a prize. Ya hear that, Grimoire?

                                      And with that, the Chocobo Days have come to an end.
                                      Thank you for enjoying and visiting my bar! Over and out!"

- Prizes -

Grimoire: The disqualified entrant asked for a disqualified consolation prize
(disqualified since they have nothing with Final Fantasy to do,
and because there is not only one of them, but three):

Grimoire: Gaia had such a cute idea: she wanted a picture
featuring Dajh and Ao playing together.

Grimoire: Loki wanted a picture of the
Honourable Leader of Team Mukki Force, The Foremost of Bubbies - Mukki!

"Mukki decided that this would be the perfect day
to throw a party for Loki and all his fellow Bubbies.

However, while he was preparing a cake big enough for all of his dear comrades,
his imagination began to race and before he knew it the cake had turned into a
special Bubby Wedding Cake. Mukki was so moved that he even shed a tear.
Young Bubby Cloud...already grown up and just about to get married."

Congratulations, Loki, and thank you once more for your amazing,
colourful and skillfully made, as well as fantastic, entry!